AERC offers four major types of services:

Foreign Credential Evaluations

AERC provides analysis and equivalency of foreign educational credentials to that of the United States educational system to students, employers, high schools, private schools, junior/community colleges, universities, school districts, professional state licensing boards, and United States government agencies.

The evaluations of AERC are in accordance with the established guidelines of the International Evaluation Standards Council, (formerly the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Credentials), the standards set forth by the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE) and with representation of the judgment of its qualified evaluators with many years of experience in the field of international education, multi-lingual team and other international and national resources, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, AACRAO: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, the AACRAO-EDGE: Electronic Database for Global Education.

AERC evaluation and recommendation reports are provided on advisory basis and are not binding to any institution, agency or third party. The admitting institution makes the final determination according to its own existing institutional policies and practices. AERC and its personnel are not liable for any incidental, consequential damage or disagreement with its educational equivalency recommendations. AERC is not liable for materials lost, stolen or damaged in the mailing process. In the event of any disputes between the applicant, agency or third party and AERC, such disputes will be determined by submission to arbitration as provided by California law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Courts (as is described under Terms and Conditions in the application).

Documents Required for Evaluation

AERC accepts ONLY original or official transcripts for evaluation (in the native language), which may be mailed by the applicant or directly by the institution. Such documents must have the original fresh ink seal or embossed seal and signature. Documents must carry the letterhead (logo) of the institution. The documents [transcripts, degrees, diplomas] will be returned to the applicant upon completion of evaluation. AERC may accept certified copies by college or university admission officers of the U.S. institution or licensing board in possession of the original documents (the evaluation report will be released only to the particular institution providing the certified copy of transcripts). These copies will become the property of AERC. AERC will not accept photocopies, color copies, email, faxes, PDF files, notarized, or scanned documents. If documents presented are incomplete, applicant will be notified.

Applicant must provide transcripts of records, mark sheets, diplomas, degree certificates, and any other supporting documents. This includes year per year list of subjects with dates, plan of studies, mapa curricular including hours or credits, syllabus (optional), thesis, abstract of the doctoral dissertation, internship, clinical experience and practice that are part of the degree program to ensure the accurate completion of the evaluation.

All non-English documents must be accompanied by certified English translation with affidavit of certified official translator. Notary translations are not accepted. AERC accepts the translation provided by a certified translator of the American Translators Association/ATA. If translation is not provided by the applicant, AERC may provide the translation for a fee for all documents presented in a language other than English (please see Fee Schedule).

Proof of secondary school completion is required for post-secondary and undergraduate level studies, particularly from an applicant requesting undergraduate transfer units from partial studies without completion of a degree. Please note AERC cannot provide an evaluation from a diploma/certificate alone, transcripts of records must be provided.

Original Documents are documents with signatures and seals in fresh ink or institution embossed seal. Official Documents are documents submitted directly to AERC by the institution or provided by the applicant in a sealed envelope stamped “official transcripts”.

AERC provides two types of evaluation reports to meet the specific needs of individuals, institutions, licensing board or agencies requiring the evaluation. Please read the description of each report shown below and select the report which best suits your needs. Applicants are advised to check with the institution or agency requiring the evaluation to be certain which type of report would be suitable. There will be no refund if the institution does not accept AERC evaluation.

The General Evaluation Report—This report identifies the institution(s) attended and accreditation status, location, program and length of study, dates of attendance, certificate(s) diploma(s), degree(s) earned, and the U.S. placement recommendation.

This type of report is appropriate for proof of high school diploma (GED), undergraduate freshman admission, general statement of degree completion for employment, military enlistment and immigration.

High School Records Evaluation $50.00
College/University Undergraduate Evaluation
- Up to Two Years of Study
College/University Undergraduate Evaluation
- Over Two Years to Bachelor's Degree
Graduate Study Evaluation - Master's Degree Level $150.00
Post Graduate Evaluation - Professional Degree - Doctorate Degree Level $200.00

The Detailed Evaluation Report —This report, in addition to the General Evaluation Report, provides Institution attended profile and status, the program and length of study, dates of attendance, degree(s) received, list of subject-by-subject, semester units equivalency (credits for secondary/high school), individual grade conversion into U.S. grade system A, B, C, D, F and calculation of an overall Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) and placement recommendations. This report also identifies subject/course levels in terms of Lower Division (freshman and sophomore years) and Upper Division (junior and senior years) if institution requires this specification, applicant must state in the application (please see Fee Schedule).

This type of report is appropriate for transferring units to high school, college/university undergraduate admission, Teacher’s Credentialing, Professional Certification/Licensing boards purposes.

High School Records Evaluation $100.00
College/University Undergraduate Evaluation
- Up to Two Years of Study
College/University Undergraduate Evaluation
- Over Two Years to Bachelor's Degree
- Additional Studies
- Second Bachelor’s Degree

Graduate Study Evaluation - Master's Degree Level
- Second Master’s Degree
Post Graduate Evaluation - Professional Degree - Doctorate Degree Level $250.00


AERC provides professional translation services to individuals, companies, and institutions. We specialize in academic translation only. AERC translates documents, credentials, diplomas and transcripts from almost any language into English. AERC provides accurate translation that properly identifies degrees, diplomas and certificates. AERC translations are tailored to the specific academic needs of the applicants. The official translation is attested to its accuracy and certified by the official seal of the corporation.

AERC will ONLY translate from ORIGINAL or OFFICIAL documents. Our translations are widely accepted by the U.S. government, school districts, colleges and universities and licensing boards. AERC is a corporate member of the American Translators Association/ATA.

Applicant provided translations, prepared elsewhere and submitted to AERC for use in the evaluation process, may be accepted under certain conditions. Translation provided by applicant must be accompanied by the original documents in the native language. Translations must be properly certified and prepared by ATA certified translators. Translation from outside of the United States must be done by an officially certified translator.

AERC reserves the right to accept or refuse Notarized translations that do not meet AERC criteria. The U.S. notaries are public officials commissioned by state governments to act as impartial witness in signing of important documents and to administer oaths. The authority is very limited and certainly the translator cannot perform the duties of a notary.

Do not submit English translations without the original/official documents in the native language. If you need assistant with the translation of your academic records, please contact AERC office for more information (626) 339-4404.


Graduates of United States colleges and universities who are planning to live or work in a foreign country are often required to authenticate their degrees and diplomas. AERC handles all of the required procedures for diploma authentication. The length of time required for authentication varies depending on governmental and institutional processing time. AERC will only accept original documents for authentication: original transcripts of records, original diploma issued by the U.S. institution. This procedure applies only for U.S. graduates to proof legitimacy of the U.S. degree earned.

The steps taken for authentication of U.S. degree are:

  1. Verification of the degree from the granted U.S. institution from where the degree was obtained.
  2. To be signed by the Secretary of State, Notary Public Division.
  3. To be signed by the Department of State Authentication Office, Washington D.C.
  4. To be registered with the Embassy of the country where the applicant is going to have use of the degree earned in U.S.


AERC is dedicated to your needs. Call us before or during the process of the evaluation if you have any basic questions (626) 339-4404 or email us. Our full-time dedicated staff will answer your questions and our customer service staff is available Monday through Friday.